U/17 Boys Honours

Jack’s Team: Year 10/11 BoyS

  • Wednesday What?!?!

    A 9am game out at the state volleyball center meant an early start for the 17’s boys with a 6:30am breakfast. Surprisingly, all made it out of bed on time including perennial late comers Lincoln ‘Stinky’ De Meo and Mitch ‘Push Up King’ Dobson.

    Game 5 v Eltham

    Knowing that Eltham were one of the weaker teams we identified pre game the importance of taking every chance we got to win points. The boys did exactly that, converting good defensive plays into points. More consistent serving from Jordy in sets 1+2 and Moses in the third allowed setter Alvin ‘Bruno’ Goh the chance to run some combos with great success. More often than not the rally was ended with Eltham having to dig the ball out of court with a shovel, such was the power of some of Cam and Oswalds hits. Overall a clinical performance

    Rossmoyne win 3-0

    Moment to remember- despite all the creative front row combos it had to be the serving of Moses ‘The Coconut King’ Panikoula, who single handedly got Rossy off to a great start in the third set when our focus was slipping

    Moment to forget- no doubt it had to be Oswald ‘The Hero’ Tan trying to be fancy and win the point by cleverly placing a freeball. He seriously mucked the whole thing up and the ball failed to reach the net.

    Game 6 v Brighton

    Brighton had been hard to read with solid performances in earlier games mixed in with some below average ones against weaker teams. The boys came out all guns blazing, playing some of our best ball for the week, skipping out to a two sets to zero lead. From there it was a completely reversal, with Brighton lifting considerably and our boys letting them win points too easily. So we headed to a 5th set…

    …the boys got off to a great start, playing smart, patient volley. Ends with Rossy up 8-5…

    …more consistent pressure from us leads to us being up 14-9 and Brighton with 0 timeouts left…

    …10-14, 11-14, 12-14

    …12-15!!!!! Win! But wait a sec…

    Brighton lodges an official complaint of the call on the last point. As we line up to shake hands the ref is forced to call a replay!

    …side out Brighton, 13-14…

    …roof block Jordy! 15-13!

    Rossmoyne wins 3-2…and then 3-2 again

    Moment to remember – lots of good plays but the clever work by Glenn ‘Big Red’ Wallis to switch from beast mode to delicate tip mode in the 5th set was brilliant volley. Opting to swipe off hands rather than swing hard gave us plenty of moment at the change of ends

    Moment to forget- besides the obvious call that lead to us having to replay- the Brighton coach who called the challenge doing the EXACT same thing 5mins earlier in the U16s game which was also in its 5th set. Rossy also won 🙂

    Rossmoyne win 3-2

    Tuesday Triumphs

Not much to report in terms of off court activities today. After a quick pit stop at the supermarket for Jordy to restock his lifetime supply of Up and Go's and 2 minute noodles it was time to hit the sac...the msac that is!

Game 3 v Redlands

It took the boys a while to hit their straps against a lesser opponent, with unforced errors on offense making it difficult to get into a good rhythm. After scraping through the first two sets the boys finally clicked into gear and got the job done in 4 sets.

Moment to remember - undoubtedly Linc walking back to serve and tripping into the front row of the grandstand. Summed up nicely by Moses, 'Tuesday Trips'.

Moment to forget - the first two sets. 

Rossmoyne win 3-1

Game 4 v Melbourne HS

After a quick break we were back on court v Melbourne, who to be perfectly honest, will be unlikely to win a set this week. So, being the sporting gentlemen that we are, the boys decided to play down to tier level for periods of the game to keep it interesting. Luckily we had longer patches of good quality Rossmoyne Volleyball which allowed us to experiment with a few different rotations whilst still comfortably taking the game 3-0.

Moment to remember- Notorious 50/50 server Jordy consistently serving balls in. Buy a lottery ticket Jordy

Moment to forget- Oswald being gifted the most delicious over pass ever only for him to spoon it into the back wall and grab a fistful of net along the way. He lost the point and probably any chances he had with the Mercedes girls watching our game...unlucky mate

All in all despite some up and down volleyball we came out of Tuesday with two wins to take us to 3-1.

Monday Marathons

After a weekend of settling in, retail therapy, Moses dominating board games and Glenn’s epic piano solos it was finally time for the volleyball to begin.

With matches against two top 4 teams from last year it was always going to be a tough challenge to start the week.

Game 1 v Mazenod

First up was Mazenod who finished top of last years round robin stage and were eventual silver medalists. The match was a bit of a roller coaster but fortunately we came out on top, with everyone shaking the first game nerves and playing well.

Rossmoyne win 3:2

Moment to remember – Cam absolutely belting one into an opponents face

Moment to forget – losing two of our four balls for the week in the first 10min of the tournament/Mitch forgetting his shorts

Game 2 v Holland Park

After a duty and a few games break it was time for Holland Park, another top 4 finisher from 2012. Again it was another epic 5 set rollercoaster with the boys just ending up on the losing side going down 13-15 in the 5th. Special mentions to super sub Josh Kim in this one for rejuvenating the boys in the 4th to even push it to a fifth. The boys looked a little tired in this one so a big dinner and good nights sleep are on the cards before hitting the courts tomorrow

Rossmoyne lose 2:3

Moment to remember – More 6 packs! (spikes hitting the opponent in the face for those not in with the volleyball lingo). Two more massive ones to Cam and an absolute ripper by big Glenny Wallis, who even after delivering the killer blow was gracious enough to offer a courtesy wave to the poor recipient.

Moment to forget- Mazenods refereeing…atrocious!

That’s it for today, stay posted for more updates throughout the week

Coach Jack

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