U/14 Girls Division 1

Miss Bache’s Team: Year 8 Girls


The last few days have been some of the most enjoyable days of coaching I have experienced! The girls have been playing so well, their skills are extremely solid, especially their passing. We have done countless hours of serve reception – and this is definitely paying off! Today we had some brilliant games, some set scores being 25-6, 25-9, 5-11 etc etc!

Yesterday had a similar vibe with the girls dominating the court and playing some amazing volleyball. We did have a close game against Craigslea though (Queensland team) where we would have had about 10-15 service errors in the second set! Somehow we still managed to win the set due to our ability to side-out, however I think I now have my first grey hairs!!!

At end of business today we finished top of our pool (pool A), we now cross over to a new pool (pool M) where we play the top 3 teams from pool B. Tomorrow we play only one game with no duty. This will allow us to take the afternoon off and relax for a little while. The girls are excited to get a sleep in tomorrow but they are most looking forward to our visit to Pancake Parlor in the afternoon!

We are taking each point as it comes, just trying to play our very best and hopefully this will see us win a few more games. All the girls seem to be having a great time so far and Im sure they will continue to do so in the later half of the week.



Ok so here is an update for our team so far, you have hopefully read the last 2 days posts so this is just a few little extra team specific details:

Yesterday we ventured out to the Essendon DFOs for some shopping, we were pumping the music in the bus and spirits were high. That was until I hear Michelle (followed by the others ) screaming hysterically. A SPIDER HAS BEEN SPOTTED! At this point we are just driving into the car park so I quickly find a spot and we all rush out of the bus. Now, apparently this spider is huge but honestly I’m expecting to see something the size of a 10c piece. I wish!! This thing was massive!!! Player of the day must go to Natalie who was courageous enough to search for and kill the spider. Then we thought there were actually two?! After about 10 minutes of more hysterical screaming and laughter Nat successfully (but not peacefully) laid the spider tO rest and we have our fingers crossed that it was the only one. The girls were also kind enough to buy me a ‘beautiful’ spider ring. We are hoping this will be a good luck charm!

On a more serious note the girls trained exceptionally well on Saturday, taking a set of the U/16 girls!!! We are currently at the markets getting some more bargains and about to head to MSAC to register and watch AVL womens grandfinal before training later today!



Last week we had our Pre-Melbourne Team Bonding Dinner at Sizzler. The night started off on a high note with us all getting the student discount and saving ourselves $4 on what is a fairly over-priced menu! Winning!

The cheese bread was very popular and soon the girls were headed to the salad bar, despite my encouragement of eating something green, not much salad was consumed as ‘there needed to be space for desert’. And space there was – its fair to say the desert bar got a work out that night! Sorry girls but we wont be eating like that in Melbourne!

I have never seen so many selfies taken within an hour and a half period, most of which consisted of making the silliest face possible. So basically the girls ate and laughed the whole time. A successful team bonding session if you ask me!

We have one more training session to go and I am so proud of how the girls have trained over the past 6 months. Not only have we been training 3 times a week but the girls have also been coming in at recess and lunch times to practice serving. When I asked some of the girls today which of their favourite drills they would like to do in their last session, they said ‘we need to do serve reception and work on our setting’…this shows their commitment to improving right up to the very last minute!


2 comments on “U/14 Girls Division 1

  1. Woohoo girls your amazing keep up the hard work. Thanks for the updates. Enjoy the pancake parlor tonight i’m sure it wont disappoint. Good Luck today 🙂

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