Mr Read’s Lesson’s Learnt


Alright everyone, it is Monday night here in Melbourne town and time for the first instalment of my lessons for the week.  And haven’t there been some things to be learnt so far.

1- Retirement has gotten the better of Mrs Rowden as she managed to miss the first deadline she has had in 3 years and missed her flight

2. If you give the Year 9 Boys Honours team $8 at the markets they can buy you a pretty styling watch (see Craigs wrist if you doubt me!)

3- Alex and I’s nightly runs definitely need to be classed as jogs, and remind me far too much of watching Nick try n run in his last few years coaching.

4-Coach Bache has finally got the first game monkey off her back and the Year 8 Girls won their first 2 games today, stacking heavy expectations on Coach Bache to keep performing at this high level.

5- Our Year 10, 11 and 12 Boys Honours teams dominate Dandenong getting 5 wins with only 1 close fought 5 set loss today.

6- Kinder Surprise Star Wars toys are super cool and I want them all.

Tune in tomoro night for whatever the day brings!

Keep up the good results and hard work everyone!


A few things occurred to me today

1- Jess Illich is not the happy angel she may seem to be

2-The Pool of Death for the Open Honours Boys saw Craigslea die, Heathfield survive and Rossmoyne dominate

3- Coach Bache was quoted today “My girls are so good they should be playing in the boys division.” Few wins under her belt and watch the confidence and smack talk grow

4-  I am now up to 6 Kinder Surprise toys, only 4 to go…..

Another great day of volley from all the teams, games I have seen and stories I have heard have all been amazing.  Roll on the business end of the week!


1- Year 11 Boys doing bicep curls in Woolworths with a shopping basket full of watermelon is a questionable workout regime

2- Yasith Kariyawasam is the most efficient outside-hitter in Open Honours, 100% kill efficiency

3- Hopefully there is enough wood in Melbourne for Coach Bache to touch while this pressure of an undefeated run continues

4- Team Caress best be careful, I have spies everywhere

5- I have all 10 Star Wars toys!!!!!!


One comment on “Mr Read’s Lesson’s Learnt

  1. Righto, just thought i would log in early and see what this blog thing is all about. My Daily Melbourne Lessons are now a tradition that has gone on for 3 years. Stay tuned during the upcoming trip to see all the ups and downs, pros and cons of touring Melbourne this year. And if there is ever a time away that you feel like you learned a valuable lesson, just let me know and I will do my best to add it in!

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